Learn About the Different Types of Hangar Doors


Hangar doors come in an array of types. As well, they may be customised in order to offer the right blend of durability and performance. When you choose the right door options, you'll access hangar doors which are just right for your needs. Today, we'd like to share information about the different types of hangar doors.

Learn About the Different Types of Hangar Doors

Sliding Doors

These types of hangar doors feature rollers which run on a track. Crossover and outrigger doors are available in this style. In terms of benefits, these doors are easy to use. They are simple designs and they are typically affordable. Also, they are very rugged and, as a rule, they don't require much maintenance. Cleaning them is simple.
In terms of drawbacks, doors of this type require a little physical strength to open. As well, tracks may jam sometimes and, when they do, they will need to be cleaned.
If you choose the crossover type of sliding hangar door, you'll be able to open up specific parts of the framed opening when you want to. Outrigger sliding hangar doors will need outrigger apparatus which extend past each end of the framed opening.

Vertical Lift Doors are Also Available

Vertical lift hangar doors open by being hoisted in an upward direction. They move upward like typical doors of garages. They provide benefits in terms of offering motorized performance which is electrical. As well, they are rugged and reliable. However, they do cost more and you may need to call for a professional to come and fix the doors if they jam.
There are non-motorized vertical doors for hangars which are known as stackers and they don't cost as much, but require manual operation.

Bi-folding Doors Fold in Two

The last common option for hangar doors is the bi-folding style of door. It folds in two via its centre. This type of hangar door will usually come with a motor which is electric and it is known for being reliable and tough. However, it will cost more than average and may need professional repair if it's not working properly.

Which Style is Right for You?

What you choose should depend on the location and size of the opening, as well as which portion of the opening you need access to. As well, you'll need to consider your budget and think about aesthetics. To speak to us about the most appropriate door for your hangar contact us.

No matter what your budget or requirements, our door is always open. For more information on hangar and industrial sliding folding doors, contact our team today on 0845 2709955 or email sales@directindustrialdoors.co.uk

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