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Questions and Answers

Q: What warranty is provided with the door?

  • A 12 month parts warranty is provided only subject to the door being installed correctly.

Q: How long does it take to install the door?

  • The simplistic design and overall adjustability means installation is easy. Typical installation times are 7 – 8 hours for a Liber door (7000mm wide x 6000mm high).

Q: Is training required to install the doors?

  • Direct Industrial Doors offer an install assist package for all new customers. We will accompany you for the site survey to ensure the door is specified correctly and we will then assist your installation engineers to complete the installation. This ensures your engineers understand the installation process and how easy the product is to install.

Q: Are other colours available other than the standard range?

  • Yes, the Superthermic door panel can be supplied in a wide range of RAL colours.

Q: What level of wind pressure will the doors resist?

  • The Superthermic range of products all have a class 4 wind speed (approx. 140km/hr).

Q: Do Superthermic doors seal to the floor?

  • Yes, the door is supplied with adjustable bottom brush seals, which take up any reasonable deviations in the floor level.

Q: Does the door require a bottom track?

  • Subject to the model, our Liber & Smart doors do not require a bottom track. The Flux sliding door is available without a bottom track (subject to size). The Librum sliding folding door always requires a bottom track.

Q: Does the bottom track require drainage?

  • The threshold of the door should either have a very small step, which is behind the line of the panels, or a slope away from the door. Any water that is driven under the door will be captured by the track. which in turn will be drained.

Q: Are doors manually or electrically operated?

  • Both. The doors can be supplied with manual or electric operation. Electrically operated doors can be supplied with a range of control equipment, i.e. safety edge, photocell, etc..

Q: Why should my client choose a horizontal sliding door as opposed to a vertically rising door?

  • There are many reasons, which include:
  • Simple to open if no electric available as they simply push open and pull close. No need for chains, handles etc.
  • Minimal headroom requirement of only 150mm (subject to size).
  • Extremely large openings achieved up to 10m high by virtually any width.
  • High wind resistance.
  • Thick high density polyurethane infill (55, 65 or 80mm) provides high thermal properties. Our patented ISOMAX profiled panel provides doors with full thermal break.
  • Speed of opening is approx. 250mm per leaf, therefore a bi-folding door provides full height opening at 500mm per second. This minimises impact damage due to the “out of sight, out of mind” issue, which is associated with colliding with partially opened vertically rising doors.

Q: Can the doors be fitted with wicket doors?

  • Yes, wicket doors can be incorporated in the door panels. The wicket door can be made to be the full width of the panel or inset into the panel and supplied with or without threshold so as to comply with fire escape requirements. A full range of panic or egress / access hardware is available.

Q: Can the doors be fitted with louvres and windows?

  • Yes, a wide range of single and double glazed panels are available, as well as louvres, to suit the required airflow.

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