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Find the Perfect Solution Direct Industrial Doors are experts in all forms of hangar and industrial door units. We understand that strength, longevity and security are key components when selecting a hangar door.

Generally you will find hangars are set in aviation environments, having to bear harsh weather conditions and withstand the weight of an aircraft.

We have a team of experts on hand dedicated to ensuring your hangar remains safe and secure. We offer advice on the right solutions for your application and location, and have a team of skilled engineers that can install hangar doors to the highest standard.

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The Perfect Hangar Door

The Librum door could be the perfect solution for hangar door installations, where insulation and security are the main priorities.

The Librum doors can open from one or both sides and are manually operated with the provision for a drive unit or electrical operation. Additional key features of the Librum door include:

  • Top rail manufactured from galvanized steel, painted black
  • Door leaves deflector and storage arrangement
  • Fully adjustable roller trolleys with adjustable 20mm diameter pins
  • Maximum height of 10m
  • Certified wind load resistance of Class 4: (EN 12424)

Our Librum folding doors are provided with either a 415V 3PHNE or 240v single-phase motor, which drives the traction chain system. This also features manual override to ensure operating access in the event of power failure.

As standard, the floor track for our Librum range is made from galvanized steel. We also offer a reinforced heavy-duty floor track suitable for areas of traffic with heavy loads.

Insulated folding doors


Insulated folding doors

Flux Sliding Doors

Flux sliding doors can be manufactured with or without a bottom rail. Like the Librum door, they can be opened on one or both sides and are manually operated with optional electrical drive.

The exclusive assembly system of the Flux sliding door creates a unique folding effect, whereby the combination of different door concepts can be incorporated in the same façade.

Insulated folding doors


Insulated folding doors

No matter what your budget or requirements, our door is always open. For more information on hangar and industrial sliding folding doors, contact our team today on 0845 2709955 or email sales@directindustrialdoors.co.uk

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